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Why Librato?

40+ turnkey integrations: start monitoring your app and infrastructure in a matter of minutes.

Preconfigured dashboards: our agent collects the most important metrics for the services you’re running, and presents them in visually appealing, real-time dashboards.

Alerting: set up alerts on your metrics and send them to any number of places, such as PagerDuty, Slack, or just email.





Gather metrics from AWS, Heroku, or your own favorite sources.

Aggregate and transform your metrics with our functional DSL.

Compare metrics and overlay events in beautiful dashboards.

Customize your rules and escalate using your existing tools.

In the words of our customers...

"Librato is one of the key tools we use as part of our production operations. It's mission critical to our team."

Seth Pollack,
Founder & Head Engineer

Nick Elser,
Director of Engineering

“We use Librato to aggregate all our metrics in one place and provide more detail about how everything’s performing - how often we’re running jobs, whether or not certain external services are responding in time.”


Monitoring for Your Applications and Infrastructures

Send metrics directly from the inside of your app: our language-specific SDKs make use of our API for many common languages.

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